Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to operating a business in a manner that meets or exceeds the ethical, legal, commercial and public expectations that society has of business.

Poïesis recognizes its responsibilities to all of our stakeholders including shareholders, employees, partners, customers and suppliers, as well as the impact of our operations on the local communities and the surrounding environment where we operate.

We strive to supply products of top quality to meet our customers’ requirements in a manner that is consistent with high environmental and ethical standards.

Our mission statement adheres to the “one health” concept, reflective of the inherent synergies between animal and human medicine and emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary collaborations to accelerate biomedical research discoveries and improve clinical care in all aspects of human and animal health.

As a socially responsible animal health company, we pledge a portion of our profits to local and global charities which are making a difference to animals, communities and our planet.

The following three charities are the organizations we currently support:

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Founded by famous British conservationist and author, Gerald Durrell, this UK charity works globally to conserve endangered species through its scientific programmes, education efforts and engagement with local communities. From captive breeding programmes to controlling invasive species to forest management, it often requires a suite of actions to save species and promote their recovery. Durrell supports the development of capacity within local communities and partner organisations to build a long term future for conservation.

The Humanimal Trust

Founded by pioneering neuro-orthopaedic veterinary surgeon Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, The Humanimal Trust is the first UK charity set up to advance the concept of One Medicine — uniting and moving animal and human healthcare forward through shared ideas, shared technology and integrated research. Its goals are to create awareness of the benefits of practical implementation of One Medicine principles, to inspire surgeons in veterinary and human medicine to dedicate their time and influence to share their expertise for the benefit of all, and to make a positive and proactive impact by raising funds to support development and education initiatives that will move animal and human healthcare forward in unison.

Thrive Animal Rescue

Founded by Cece Bloum in Southern California, Thrive Animal Rescue is a canine rescue and adoption organization whose mission is to save abandoned dogs from the loneliness of shelter life and place them into loving families and forever homes. Thrive removes at-risk and senior dogs from kill shelters, fosters and retrains them as needed while searching for the perfect forever home.