Poïesis is in the process of building a robust pipeline of therapeutics and diagnostics, in-licensing these transformational products to advance the veterinary market.

The companion animal health industry provides numerous market advantages over human health in that new medicines can be developed in significantly less time and in a very cost efficient manner.

A significant advantage is that veterinary medicine animal health products do not face the same post-patent expiration cliff or generic competition as human pharmaceutical products.

Furthermore, the industry has limited exposure to government or third party payer risk and pet owners are eager to purchase state of the art medicines for their pets, who are increasingly seen as family members.

Moreover, new product development within animal health is supported by less expensive and less risky R&D cycles. These factors should translate to highly sustainable growth for the animal health industry.


Poïesis has agreed to licensing terms for the worldwide animal IP rights to two innovative nanoparticle drug reformulations to combat systemic fungal infections and to treat dry eye. In initial studies, these novel formulations have shown longer and more robust efficacy, with a significant reduction of undesirable side effects.

We are working closely with the biotechnology companies that are developing these products for use in humans, which allows Poïesis unprecedented access to data and drug product for clinical trials.

We continue to evaluate novel therapeutics that we encounter which may address unmet or poorly served needs in the pet medicines market.


Poïesis has identified a promising biomarker that has been shown to detect sepsis and inflammation in neonatal and adult horses. Feasibility studies for this biomarker assay will be conducted to evaluate the commercial viability of this test as a point of care product.