Poïesis Therapeutics Successfully Completes CONNECT Internationally Acclaimed Springboard Accelerator Program


SAN DIEGO, July 18, 2017 — Poïesis Therapeutics, a biotechnology start-up in the pet health industry, is pleased to announce that the company has successfully completed the internationally recognized CONNECT Springboard accelerator program.  CONNECT San Diego is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating and sustaining the growth of innovative technology and life science businesses in San Diego.

Springboard, CONNECT’s flagship program, is an internationally recognized pipeline of innovation for corporations, venture capitalists and angel investors seeking licensing and acquisition opportunities.  The program is based around a unique network of experienced entrepreneurs, whose collective knowledge is channeled to challenge and coach participating companies in order to help maximize opportunity and reduce go-to-market risk.

“I am delighted that Poïesis was chosen to participate in the Springboard program which provided the opportunity to improve the company’s messaging and presentation through several months of challenging discussions and mentoring by a specially chosen group of experienced executives,” said Jessica Dugan, DVM, MBA, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Poïesis Therapeutics. “With the completion of the program and the opening of our $5 million seed round of financing, I remain indebted to my team of mentoring executives for their guidance in helping me to think carefully about the goals, strategy and strengths of the company and in assisting me to perfect what is now unquestionably a much clearer and improved investment offering.”

Springboard is a proven, structured and personalized accelerator program designed to assist science and technology companies with marketing, financial and strategic business advice from a mentor team. Acceptance into the program begins a three- to six-month process in which participants are guided to improve and run their businesses, set expectations and meet performance milestones. The program assists innovators and entrepreneurs with the definition of a compelling commercialization strategy through mentoring by seasoned, C-level executives.

More than 1,000 scientific and technological breakthroughs have been guided through the Springboard process of innovation to commercialization.

Chosen through a competitive process, Poïesis was first evaluated by a group of CONNECT entrepreneurs in residence and life science domain experts and then by a second evaluation undertaken by an intake panel charged with making a final decision on whether the company should be admitted to the Springboard 6-month program.

During the program, Poïesis was guided by a team of senior executives with extensive experience in the fields of biotechnology, pharma, finance and veterinary products with the ultimate goal of reducing risk and developing an eminently investible proposition.  The mentoring team helped Poïesis management to refine the company’s business proposition, examine and justify financial requirements and refine the opportunity pitch to potential investors.

The final step in the process was the successful presentation of the company to a 30-person panel of entrepreneurs, investors and life science experts resulting in Poïesis being named a 2017 Graduate of the Springboard program.

About Poïesis Therapeutics
Poïesis Therapeutics Inc. is a biotechnology start-up in the pet health industry focused on sourcing and in-licensing late stage therapeutics and diagnostics from human biotechnology research and developing them to address unmet needs in companion animals — dogs, cats and horses.

About San Diego CONNECT
Twenty five years ago, the City of San Diego (ECD), UC San Diego and the private sector set out to stimulate the commercialization of science and technology discoveries from the local research institutions. They created CONNECT with the mission of commercializing research discoveries through education, mentoring and access to capital. To learn more about the history of CONNECT, click here.

In this effort, CONNECT has assisted in the formation and development of over 2000 companies and is widely regarded as the world’s most successful regional program linking inventors and entrepreneurs with the resources they need for success.

More than 40 regions and countries around the world have created programs modeled on CONNECT and the Springboard including, most recently, New York City.